Cross Train with Tai Chi

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Regular Tai Chi practitioners are aware, and have benefited from a number of health (mind & body) benefits of practicing Tai Chi Chuan, but have you considered how Tai Chi may also support and contribute to improving an athletes performance in a number of sports? 

Based on my research to date, most cross training focuses on enduring more muscle building and cardiovascular type training, basically more Yang type training. Whereas, a more relaxed and softer Yin cross training exercise system like Tai Chi should be considered to enhance an athletes performance, health and overall wellbeing.

As a semi-pro footballer in my twenties and a dedicated Tai Chi player, I can see how there are synergies, not only between these sports, but with numerous other sports. Through my Tai Chi practice I have developed a higher degree of body awareness and understand how the relaxed and integrated movement of Tai Chi contributes to efficient body movement, a calmer mind, and an ability to effectively deal with the stresses and strains of modern day competition, which in turn can help the athlete improve or maintain their level of performance for longer.

I therefore decided to write the book “Cross Train with Tai Chi – A Balanced Approach to Improving your Sports Performance, Health & Overall Wellbeing” for serious athletes, hoping it stimulates their interest and results in them trying out a Tai Chi class, thus bringing this wonderful art, and its many benefits to a much wider audience.